Trilinear Plot Java Applet


News (14-Nov-2005)

The windows version of TriPlot is almost here.

This page allows you to do trilinear plots for water chemistry (also known as piper plots).

Enter the values to plot below. They must be comma-, tab-, or space- delimited and have the following order:

Label, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, Cl-, CO32-, HCO3-, SO42-.

'Label' can be blank, but a delimiter must still be present - e.g. ',1,2,3...' or 'Lbl,1,2,3...'.

You can slso place a delimiter after the last value and type a comment; this text will be displayed in a table (if generated), but will not be displayed on the chart. Note that the comment should not contain any of the chosen delimiter if you want the entire comment to be displayed in one column.

You MUST NOT use a '~' (tilde) or '|' (vertical bar) character anywhere in your data.

Once the data is entered, select the units of the data (MEq or PPM). If PPM is selected, then the data will be converted to MEq automatically.

Finally, decide if you want any tables of data output with the chart (this will be slow if there are a lot of points to plot), and check the box if you do. Some platforms do not allow all tables to be output (See 'Notes', below).

When all of the data has been entered (either manually or by cut & paste from, eg., a spreadsheet), and the desired options selected, press the 'Plot' button.

Source Data: Label, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, Cl-, CO32-, HCO3-, SO42-,Comments

Data Units:   Delimiter:

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